Test Biqu SSS build plate from Big Tree Tech
Let's test the adhesion of the SSS biqu with PLA PETG and ABS
Posted on: 2020-05-20 / 19:39:40
Bigtreetech Mini Ups
Neste video vou explicar como instalar a mini ups da bigtreetech na tua skr mini, 1.3 , 1.4
Posted on: 2020-01-20 / 19:39:40
My best 3d prints of 2019
In this video i will review my best 3d prints of 2019 I wish you all a happy 2020
Posted on: 2019-12-31 / 17:43:53
REVIEW Geeetech A20
Let's find out the pros and cons of this geeetech A20
Posted on: 2019-11-23 / 05:00:00
Geeetech competing with ender 3
Which printer is better? Creality Ender 3 or geeetech A10? Well, let's find out, in this video. I will show you all the specifications of each printer and I will give advantage to one printer on each feature let's see what is the winning printer the ender 3 or geeetech A10
Posted on: 2019-11-15 / 05:00:00